Pounded by calloused hands; blasted by tight grooves. It calls across time and continents - with a response from hips and feet. It’s the force that blew through Louis Armstrong in the twenties. It’s the power that gets Brazilians swinging in the streets for carnival.


Nation Beat singularly conjures up this elemental musical mojo, drawing on the wellsprings of rhythm that lit up jazz and got maracatu thundering. Nation Beat takes off with be-bop-via-Brazil drumming; propelled by percussive bursts of New Orleans-flavored brass. But forget the musical history; this is music to make you dance.

Nation Beat is

Scott Kettner: Drums and Percussion

Paul Carlon: Tenor Sax/Arrangements

Mark Collins: Trumpet

Mariel Bildsten: Trombone

Joe Correia: Sousaphone


"A revelation...

the most original and alluring fusion band I have heard in years!" 

Banning Eyre, Afropop & NPR 


“You’ll be hard-pressed to sit still during their show.”  

Festival International de Louisianne


“Dangerously funky... an East-coast, funk-crazed Los Lobos”
Village Voice

“A fresh, vibrant hybrid that plants a foot in two disparate cultures and still dances up a storm."  



“Nation Beat plays every fun style of music ever invented!"

Lucid Culture


“Comes off like a typical afternoon’s stroll through the 

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
The blend is often irresistible.”



“Just a fantastic group. I was overwhelmed!” 

Willie Nelson 

Nation Beat "Forró de Dois Amigos" Video

Royal Chase CD Cover.jpeg

Nation Beat: The Royal Chase Available NOW on CD & Vinyl!
And on All Platforms!


September 18 - West Lafayette Global Fest - West Lafayette, IN
September 24-25 - Lotus Festival - Bloomington, IN
September 29 - Brooklyn Commons - Brooklyn, NY
October 16 - 3 Dollar Bill - Brooklyn, NY 

February 21 - Puffin Cultural Forum - Teaneck, NJ
February 25  - Coastal University - Conway, NC

February 26  - Coastal University - Conway, NC
February 28  - Georgetown University - Washington, DC
February 29  - Creative Alliance - Baltimore, MD
March 1  - Rittenhouse Soundworks - Germantown, PA

March 7 - Rockland Conservatory - Pearl River, NY
September 25 & 26 - Lotus Festival - Bloomington, IN (Cancelled)
September 27 - FreshGrass Festival - North Adams, MA (Cancelled)
SCOTT KETTNER:  Drum Groove LiveStream
Every Tuesday @ 8PM EST - Hybrid Drumming Groove LiveStreams - Facebook Live 

January 18: Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
February 18 - Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
April 3 - Arts in The Schools - Truckee, CA
April 4 - Arts in The Schools - Truckee, CA
April 5 - Arts in The Schools - Truckee, CA
April 11 - Greenwich House Uncharted Series - New York, NY
June 7 - The New York Botanical Gardens - Bronx, NY (Members Night)
June 8 - The New York Botanical Gardens - Bronx, NY
June 9 - The New York Botanical Gardens - Bronx, NY
September 14 - The New York Botanical Gardens - Bronx, NY
October 20 - Seton Hall University - South Orange, NJ (Scott Kettner & Nation Beat Trio)
November 1 - The Hamilton - Washington, DC (with Rebirth Brass Band)
December 13 - Nublu - New York, NY

January 15: Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
March 15: Flynn Center For The Performing Arts, Burlington, VT
March 16: Red Brick Meeting House - Westford, VT
May 5: RUBULAD - Brooklyn, NY
May 25: Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
June 24: Seaside Garden - Greenwich, CT

July 27: Rittenhouse Soundworks - Phildelphia, PA

August 8: Brooklyn Public Library - Brooklyn, NY
August 18 - 19: El Museo - Bronx, NY
August 29: Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
September 21: SOB's - New York, NY

September 29: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens - Brooklyn, NY